About the Developer

Since 1995, Candel Custom Homes has been designing and building custom homes throughout the Okanagan Valley. We take pride in our outstanding craftsmanship and our commitment to building quality homes for Okanagan families. The care and attention to detail in every Candel Home is completely genuine and we believe it is these touches that make a house a home. We are an independent builder of custom homes and over the years we have earned an unparalleled reputation for providing our homeowners with exceptional quality and value. The entire team at Candel Custom Homes are passionate about what they do and the homes that they build, working to exceed industry standards and provide exceptional homes on time and within budget. When you choose to work with Candel Custom Homes, you are choosing to work with a smaller, hands-on team. You are making a decision to work with people that you can truly know, rather than a corporate entity. Candel Custom Homes knows the value of your hard-earned dollar, and we take every measure to ensure you are 100% satisfied when you walk through your completed home for the first time.

Awards, Certifications, and Our Communities

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